Our team consists of experienced professionals with a "hands on" approach to financial guidance. Not only do clients find our team members knowledgeable, but they also discover that our staff truly cares about making their dreams a reality. We do everything in our power to keep our clients focused on where they want to go, advise them on how to get there, and continually remind them of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing their dreams.




















David Coker

Jim Palmer

Warwick Alley

Phil Burnett

Mike Byers

Julie Carpenter

Whitney Clayton

Dave Dear

Diana Egger

Tina Harris

Will James

Dee Lovelace

Bobby Miles

Dinah Miller

David Morse

David Poland

Elee Reeves

Chellye Patterson

Tammy Savant

Gayden Ward

Jamie Ward

Nathan L. Wood



Coker & Palmer, Inc. is a member of  SIPC  and  FINRA.
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